Window & Door Maintenance

Window and Door Maintenance

Safe Windows specialise in all aspects of window maintenance and door maintenance, and we always encourage all customers to look at regularly maintaining these vital areas. This not only boosts their lifespan but also ensures they remain safe for use in the home.


Safe Windows Can Help You Improve Your Existing Features

With our extensive knowledge and background in this industry, no one knows better than us how crucial it is to look after our doors and windows. Though it is a job that many of us will not see as worthy of our time, we all lead busy lives and anything that helps to prolong your doors and windows lifespan ensures you don’t end up with a hefty bill when these do fail to work as well as they should.


Safe Windows Offer Many Window Maintenance and Door Maintenance Solutions

Most minor faults with doors can be repaired and solved in quick time. Hinges, locks, and handles are often common problems here due to the apparent wear and tear they encounter during their lifetime, usually leading to rust on metal parts. However, these can also be directly replaced. This practical solution also applies to those problems on plastic doors too. Many doors also encounter alignment issues over time, but once again, we can quickly remedy this too.

Similarly, if a crack in the windows glass is attended to straight away, it can mean the difference between a minor repair and having to replace the whole window.

By repairing all such basic problems as soon as they present themselves, we can ensure you of a working door and a fixed window which will feel brand new once again. More importantly, you can rest assured in the knowledge that they are now once again completely safe to use.


Safe Windows Provide a Pressure Free Service

Here at Safe Windows, we understand that it isn’t always easy to purchase brand new window and door replacements outright. Therefore, we have made it a priority, during our 14 years plus in the industry, to work with customers and advise on the most viable window and door maintenance.

We are proud of our outstanding reputation in the industry and make every effort to help homeowners find practical solutions before making final purchasing decisions.


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